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Advantages of Corporate Partnerships with Taxi Services

If you own a business that relies on taxi services to get you and your employees to, from and around Surrey, then you’ll undoubtedly benefit from having a corporate account with Delta Surrey Green Cabs. When your business or organization subscribes to our corporate travel program, you gain a number of convenient advantages that can ultimately affect your bottom line.

Priority caller privileges
Normally, our cabs in Surrey are dispatched throughout the day on a first call, first served basis. This means that when an employee needs to hustle to YVR to make a last-minute flight or simply get into Vancouver to attend an important meeting, they may be left waiting longer than is convenient. But subscribers with corporate accounts get ranked as a first-priority call every time they order a taxi. Speedy service for you and your employees is the result for every order you place.

Comprehensive billing
When your business organization signs up for a corporate account with Delta Surrey Green Cab one of the biggest gains is comprehensive billing. One bill for all taxi travel in and out of Surrey means a streamlined billing system is available to your accounting department. This eliminates the need for employees to pay out of pocket and be reimbursed later. Furthermore, it becomes easy to manage your account and monitor your monthly expenses. Full details of the services provided, including each pickup and drop-off point are included in your statement.

Group travel
If several of your employees are travelling from the same point to the same destination, our taxi-vans are a great option. Travelling together as a group will allow the party to discuss any necessary business details while en route and save your business the expense of having to pay for multiple cabs.

Wheelchair access
If one or more of your employees have mobility impairment then you’ll likely appreciate that a number of vehicles in our fleet are accessible to those who use a wheelchair.

A few other benefits
In addition to the above, businesses that have a corporate account with us reap a number of other advantages including:

  • The possibility of pre-arranged regularly scheduled pickups
  • Prompt package or letter transportation
  • Round-the-clock availability
  • Special requests are often granted for corporate account holders
  • Access to special promotions and occasional discounted rates

Easy setup

Opening a corporate account with Delta Surrey Green Cab is easy. Simply call us or contact us using our online form and one of our knowledgeable representatives will guide you through the necessary steps. We look forward to being your trusted taxi provider.